Friday, April 27, 2012

Up-Cycled Bread Box

Matthew 4:4        

"Jesus answered, "It is written: 'People do not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God."" Matthew 4:4 (NIV)

I picked up this Bread Box at the Goodwill, I have one just like it, that we received as a Wedding present, many years ago. We still use it and I've been thinking of updating it. So I thought this would give me a practice run.

I knew what I wanted it to look like, now I just needed to decide how I was going to achieve the "look"

I knew where to go for the graphic, The Graphic Fairy, of course, where else?

I did finally achieve the "look" I desired, but not without a lot of do-overs, a bunch of trial and error, a lot of error!

Pinterest is loaded with transfer methods, so I started with what I thought would be the easiest.
The Wax Paper transfer method, and it smeared too much, then I went with the Freezer Paper transfer, still smeared. *sorry no pictures of the smeared mess, but I'm sure you can picture it...

Next up was the Mod Podge, with paper, then with Tissue Paper, I could not get the paper to come off with out taking some of the ink too! If you have a secret please let me know, I like that the transfer is darker.

I admitted defeat and decided to just stencil it, but I just wasn't happy with that. I love the stencil, it just wasn't what I wanted on my Bread Box.

I repainted (Again) and selected a new graphic, this time after printing it out on freezer paper, I cut out the different sections, and applied them one at a time, yea! Success!!!!!

I was so excited it finally worked that I applied one to the top, too!

I used home made white chalk paint, and distressed with both a sander and hand sanding, after which I applied a hand waxed finish.

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  1. Oh good for you for sticking it out!! That sucks when you don't succeed the first time. It looks great and that is one of my favorite graphics!
    home sweet nest

  2. Thanks for this post. I sent the link to it on to a friend who has been trying to do an image transfer onto a rough surface and I thought your tip might help her. The bread box looks great by the way.

  3. The Modge Podge transfer is my favorite. I've heard that the thicker the paper, the better it transfers but I always have luck with regular old copy paper. Be sure to remove all the air bubbles and let it dry thoroughly then rub, rub, rub and you should have good results. If you do lose a little print around the edges you can use a thin sharpie to fix it. Love the bread box results!

  4. Love lOve loVe lovE! I am totally doing this now.

  5. Your hard work paid off! Looks great!
    So sorry about your blog...that's so sad :( Thanks for the reminder...I backed mine up yesterday :) Laurel

  6. Great redo! Haven't tried any transfers yet. Good to know what works and what doesn't. Sorry about your blog. How frustrating. I'm going to go back up mine right now!

  7. What a pretty redo on the bread box. I love the graphics. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party. Sorry to hear about the google friend thingy. When I moved to word press mine went bye bye too. A great way to start building is creating a facebook fan page too.

  8. I love how this turned out! Thanks so much for sharing the different techniques you tried that worked and didn't. I'm going to file this technique for future use.

  9. gorgeous, thanks for the tips, i have wanted to do something like this on a table- now i know what not to try!

  10. My goodness, this was a labor of love, but worth it. It looks great.

  11. What a fantastic transformation! You really did a super job. I admire you for not giving up when all the tranfer techniques weren't working properly. I don't know that I would have had the patience! :D

  12. I forgot to add that I'm following you on Linky.

  13. What a lot of tries, but you got it in the end!

  14. Wow - I absolutely love this! I have a breadbox that I've been hanging onto waiting for inspiration and I think I've found it! Thanks for sharing yours.

  15. Well, you know have another new follower. I'm glad I found your blog. I guess your perseverance paid off because your bread box looks great. I hate it, though, when you have to redo a project. Takes all the fun our of it for me. What kind of wax do you use after the chalk paint? Please don't tell me I have to use AS because it's really not in my budget. I've been wanting to try the chalk paint, but can't seem to find out what sort of wa to use. Some people have mentioned a certain brand (besides AS) but it wasn't available here in Springfield, or if it is, I don't know where tofind it. Would you mind sharing this info? Thanks.

  16. Fabulous makeover. I would never have the patience do get it right. After a couple of fails I'd a chucked it out the back door.

  17. Hey Lori ..I have no time for the modpodge method..It's comming off all time..
    But you did a great job with the other things
    Dear greatings Elly

  18. Hi Lori :)
    I think it's fabulous! I have been eyeballing my bread box for a few weeks, thinking the same thing and now I'm inspired to go with it! Your bread box and GF image look wonderful together.

  19. Nice job, it looks great!!! So glad I'm not the only one those methods don't work for......I've ruined more projects, and have repainted so many items, its so frustrating!!! But...will try again!!!

  20. This turned out beautiful, and good for you for not giving up. I think I need more patience when it comes to my projects!

  21. hi. i haven't actually done this, but am getting ready to try... but have you tried this?
    It is using citrisolv, which you paint onto the transfer, which might be easier on a rounded surface. You had a beautiful outcome, anyway -- all your perseverance paid off!

  22. So cool! I bought a bread box just like this at the thrift store several years ago. I painted it red and distressed it to go with the other stuff in my kitchen. When I got tired of red, I donated it. Duh! What was I thinkin' when I did that?? I really like the way yours looks. Just about anything looks better painted white...maybe I'll start looking for another.

  23. Wow! What a transformation. I've seen that bread box many times before and never would have thought it would have looked as pretty as it does now! :) You did good.
    I have an old bread box that needs a redo. I'll have to try and find out how to do a transfer like you did.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. I always like bread boxes but this redone looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi Lori:)

    Awesomeness....I use the modge podge method and I find that if I print my image and allow the ink to set I get less smudges and even better results if you leave it on over night.

    Good for you not to give looks stunning!

  26. Aren't you glad you DID NOT give up, Lorrie?! The breadbox turned out fabulous!

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you each week. Be sure to stop in tonight, and see yourself featured. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  27. Beautiful transformation. I have yet to try a transfer... I'm still watching and learning from others! So sorry that your blog was kidnapped! I have found that backing up my blog with iCloud is very simple and inexpensive. No extra gadgets. Thank you for sharing your breadbox at Project Queen's Link Party!

  28. Too pretty not to feature! It's in the spotlight tonight at Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday Party over on the Korner! :) Feel free to brag a featured button if you wish.

  29. This turned out brilliant. I want to thank you for sharing all your do-over dramas with the transfers. I am literally going through the same process, I was just about to throw in the towel when I saw this. After seeing your final results I will give the wax paper one more try. I'm also glad to see I wasn't the only one who had and issue with the mod podge method. I was starting to feel really bad lol.

  30. beautiful breadbox! I will feature it in the new year, and will let you know when. Meanwhile, come join our linky parties (if you havent already done so). our readers would love your work!

  31. Thanks for the great idea!! I have a bread box in the garage that needs a new look!!