Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Porch Corner - Flower Planters

Isaiah 65:8

Another corner of the porch, ready for summer

I tend to do things in sections, it makes it seem more manageable. If I would try to design and set up the entire porch or room, I might never get passed the "planning" stage. This way I can plan it, do it, and move on. Do you work this way? or are you an all or nothing type?

I have used these grape presses for planting on my porch for many years. This corner of the porch gets little light so it is perfect for Impatiens, and not so perfect for picture taking.

I've done my best to lighten up the pictures. The Hydrangeas will probably not stay here but be planted in the front garden. I do like them here for now and they provide a bit of color until I get more annuals and have the front garden ready.

I use an old hanging basket inside my one crock, it fits perfect and allows for great drainage. 

On top of another Large Crock is is another Grape Press, both the presses were my Father-in-Laws. Some of the crocks were my Mom's and some from my Father-in-law. I lined both presses with natural flower basket inserts for easier planting and care.



I added the Meat Grinder and Scale this year, I like the little flower tucked in the Meat Grinder, hopefully it will survive and thrive.
The Lanterns I've used before, (I think I have 5) were a rescue from the scrap yard


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  1. Hi Lorrie: I like how you work. I kind of do the same thing. In the process of working on our kitchen reno, my husband finishes a little corner and I have it decorated before he can turn around. Of, course, he usually does have to turn around and finish something, and all my 'stuff' is then in his way!! I hope the little flower makes it in the meat grinder, because that is really cute..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. Wow! Each picture is more beautiful than the next. I just want to come roam around your garden. It looks so lush and inspiring.

  3. Hi Lorrie! Your porch is beautiful. I love how you've mixed all the different containers together. Makes me want to come and sit for a spell.

  4. I just love all of your unique and beautiful planters Lorrie. You have such a lovely blog!

  5. Lorrie looks awesome. I love unique and this certainly is. Thanks for sharing and linking to the newbie party.

  6. Hi Lorrie, thanks for showing your pretty plants and containers at Your Cozy Home Party. I like the creative use of containers. I use a lot of impatiens too because my backyard is so shady. It so happens I really like impatiens so that's fine. Your porch looks like a very nice place to sit and enjoy the view.------- Shannon

  7. Hi Lorrie,

    Love it all! The vintage items with the greenery looks great.


  8. You little corners are so interesting. Love using the vintage stuff for planters but hopefully not destroy them in the process. My Spring planting has been put on hold for too long and hope to do some this week-end.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  9. Wow you've got great ideas and great stuff! Glad I popped over from Debbie's mention about the coke cans, really awesome blog you've got started here, glad I found you!

  10. That little flower in the meat grinder is my favorite. :)

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by my place and saying hello!!! It is deeply appreciated! I am so glad you did because I love your place and have actually pinned from it!!!!

  12. Your porch is looking beautiful. I know what you mean about working in sections. I have my entire garden to tackle this summer and I have decided to just do a portion at a time. Of course by the time I finish the last section I will have to start all over again.

    Enjoy sitting on your porch!

  13. Crock pot? Meat grinder? So creative & unique ways to make a garden interesting! I hope the little flower in the grinder's so cute!

  14. Love the pray sign :) You have the most beautiful gardens. Thanks so much for sharing at Toot Your Horn Tuesday :)

  15. Love this so much. Well done! The pray sign is a lovely touch too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  16. SO inspiring! I LOVE IT. So inviting. Thank you so much!!!

  17. Thanks for following me on Linky Followers! I'm definitely inspired to put some plants in a few of the big crocks we have! Didn't even cross my mind...duh! Thanks for the idea. xo wendy

  18. Love this, I love container planting. I'm having a hard time with my flowers this year though. The rabbits keep messing with them. Err!


  19. I'm in love, as usual...thanks for sharing with us @ Toot Your Horn...I always look forward to what you have to share with us next!


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