Monday, November 5, 2012

How to make a Bed Spring Christmas Tree

Matthew 1:21

Bed Spring ChristmasTrees
         How to:

I made 3 Trees, each slightly different

  1. 3 Rusty Old Bed Springs (from an old bed)
  2. 3 Rusty Old Small Springs (they were from the Bed also)
  3. 3 Old Clay Pots, aged even more with candle wax and paint
  4. Floral Foam (from the Dollar Tree)
  5. Jute
  6. White Puff Paint (for the snow)
  7. Spanish Moss (from the Dollar Tree)
  8. Moss, (from the Dollar Tree)
  9. Red Berries (from my Yard)
  10. 3 Sticks (from the Yard)
  11. Old Book Pages
  12. Clear Glitter
  13. Spray Adhesive
  14. Hot Glue
  15. 1 sheet of Cardstock
  16. Brown Stamp Pad
As you can see, that's alot of stuff! I already had everything, so I didn't have to go out a buy anything specifically for the project.

Cheap, but messy and time consuming

Double 3D Stars:

I used my Cricut to cut 2 sizes of stars out of cardstock, I cut 6 Large, and 3 small. (The actual book pages were to brittle to run through the Cricut) I then traced the stars on the pages and cut them out by hand and glued them on the cardstock stars.

I made mine double, just make a single sided 3D Star and attached to the front of the bigger ones.

I used the these instructions to make the Stars 3 D, found the instructions via Pinterest, Just like these from:

I further aged the book pages using brown stamping ink around the edges, added glitter and puff paint, "snow".
I attached them to the tree top with the small springs and a hot glue gun.

I stuck a stick into the foam in a clay pot, and glued the top of a Spring to the top of the stick, and added some "stick" braces here and there to hold it straight.

I added snow to 2 trees by appling puff paint and using a heat gun to activate (puff) the paint. Then added red berries to all 3, sprayed the tress with spray Adhesive and just sort of "patted" the moss around. I covered the foam in the pot with moss also and added a snow around the bottom.

Hot glue a little Jute bow and we have a Spring Tree!

Aged Terra Cotta Pots:
You can use new or old clay pots, just randomly rub a candle over the surface, then paint (I used white paint). Take a clean dry cloth and wipe the paint off, some of the paint will remain giving it that wonderful aged look.

This is really my time doing a post with instructions, so let me know if I missed anything or you have any questions!

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  1. Oh these are just a joy to look at..My Aunt and I needed a new Idea for out festival of trees next year..truly Inspiring and so Beautiful..

  2. What a great idea!! There is so much talent here in blogland. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi, I'm from Venezuela. Your idea fascinated me. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful project

  4. Hi, I'm from Venezuela. Your idea fascinated me. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful project