Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playing with Cut Flowers

Luke 15:10               
This week I'm taking some time to play

Day 1,  of Playing with my Flowers

I love to bring the outside in, and one of the best ways to do this is with flowers. This week I've been playing with cut flower arraignments.

I like to use a variety of "vases" some of my favorite are Pitchers, like this Blue and White Polka Dot one I picked up at the Church Rummage sale.

I also love to do little Vignettes focused around the flower arraignments.

As I was cutting and preparing my Roses, I couldn't help but be reminded of this quite appropriate saying...and wondering which way I was thinking.

Some people look at the rose and wonder why such a beautiful flower has such sharp thorns, 

others look at the thorns and think, how can thorns have such Beautiful Flowers.

I hope I'm the latter... something to think about.

And you can see I tucked one of my Bed Springs in, this one is painted white.

A couple things I Learned
1. Thorns are sharp, always wear Gloves when you're working with Roses
2.  Always cut the stems as long as possible, you can always trim them
3. It's best if you pick flowers in the morning, they tend to wilt faster in the hot sun
4. Pick more than you think you'll need, it seems to always take more than you think it will.
5. I know why a Dozen Roses is so expensive!

This was a practice in both Flower Arranging and Photography. Both of which I need alot of.

A few things I've learned about photographing flower arraignments.
1. Take your photos outside, the light is so much better
2.  Take a few pictures, upload them and check the arraignments, the camera sometimes sees differently than the eyes (this one I always forget, as you can see the arraignment is lop sided)
3. Pick a nice calm day with no threat of wind or rain, roses are very delicate!
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Aqua Garden-For the Love of Flowers and Junk

Isaiah 61:11

Welcome to my world!
Can you tell I LOVE Flowers?

and old junk... The Bird Feeder was an
Anniversar Present, last year.The only thing I purchased new were the plants and the hat and the tiny pot on the top rung (from the Dollar Store)

Everything else was a Thrifty Find!

Like, Old Rusty Bed Springs

I also have a new LOVE of Aqua!

Did you know that it is very contagious? yep, all I did was paint one thing in Aqua, and next thing I knew, everything was painted Aqua (even some leaves)

I'm not usually a "matchy, matchy" type gal,
 so I really don't know how all this stuff ended up Aqua! (and I don't usually call myself a gal either)

My Old Gray, Wooden Ladder is now Aqua...

My Birdhouse, is now Aqua... it was red and I loved it, but I think I love it more now!

At least, I didn't paint my Rusty Wine Barrel Ring, well maybe just a touch around the edges, I told you it was contagious, and spreading fast!

I think my Clay Pots, were the first to go

Followed by one of my Rusty Old Lanterns, and even my little Dollar Store Bird
(see him tucked in with the flowers?)

I didn't paint my hat, or the Old Garden Shears,
(I was tempted, but you have the draw the line somewhere, right?)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Note Cards for "A Haven for Vee"

Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. Song of Solomon 2:12 (NIV)

I was doing some blog hopping this morning and I came across "A Haven for Vee", and she was having this really cool party, so I decided to join in the fun. Please check this out, it's really something different!

Note Card Party~May

A Haven for Vee

Below is my set of note cards.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

For the Birds

Matthew 6:26

This was fun to put together, I had everything, I just needed to gather it all, and paint the sign.

I had an idea of what I wanted, I just needed to find the perfect spot, and play with it a bit.

I had the old weather board in my "stash" I added a light yellow wash (watered down paint) then stenciled the words, I used 2 different size Stencils, I wanted to emphasise the "BIRDS"

I had picked up the old rusty tool box at the Church Rummage Sale, and thought it would be cute to use as a bird feeder. I added an old pair of garden sheers.

The birdcage I painted to use on my Spring Mantel, I love the aqua color, the little bird on the door, I've had for years, it was from the Dollar Store

I did pick up some pink impatience

Of course I had to get one of my rusty Bed Springs in here!

The metal words (Live, Love, Laugh) I've had for ages, and I've never hung them, I think they look cute with this display

The clay pots were also painted and aged to use on my Spring Mantel

Donna over at FJI is having a "Bird" Party, which inspired me to put this all together, she is a wonderful inspiration! and a wonderful Hostess

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