Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear 2012 me...Folk Journaling

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Dear 2012 me...

You mean 2012 is over? But I never... I didn't get a chance to... All those plans, all those dreams.
2012 was going to be my year! I was going to make my Dreams come true.

Maybe you spent too much time wishing and dreaming and not enough time planning and working.

Now wait a minute, I did some planning, I did work hard, just maybe not hard enough. Dreams are hard work. Just figuring out what my dreams are, is hard work.

Let's take a look back through 2012, and see what you (my 2012 self) was up to.

You opened an Etsy Store – and you actually sold some things!

You completed quite a few projects... both to sell and to keep

You restarted your blog – after your blog was deleted, you had to think long and hard whether it was worth “restoring” or not. Yes, it brought you joy. Yes you enjoyed it...No, you can't say it was particularly successful.. and it was very time consuming. You asked yourself some hard questions. Was losing your blog a sign, a sign that you shouldn't be trying this? Were you too far out of your comfort zone? Did God want you to stop? Should you be spending your time more wisely?

Well, I still don't know the answers to most of those questions, but I do know I Love it! I feel closer to God, than I have in a long time, so maybe he's on board with this blog thing.. And stepping outside my comfort zone is good, right?

You put yourself out there, to succeed or fail...

I have learned so much! I have so much to learn!

I am still here to live another day, to take on another year, look out 2013, I'm ready~and I'm excited!
Proverbs 16:3

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