Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Glimpse of Fall - Window Table Runner

I was messing around with my Old Window the other day, using it as a back drop for some pictures, on a table in my yard, when I was done taking pictures I laid the window on the table and an idea was born!

I could use this for a Table Runner...

So that got me motivated to gather all things Fall. I have always wanted one of these Wheat Bunches that stand up, I just think they are so Majestic the way they stand up so straight and tall. A few weeks ago I walked into the GW and I spotted it, clear across the store, I tried not to look to excited or make a mad dash for it, I breathed a sigh of relief as I proudly placed it in my Buggie, another item crossed off my wish list, and can you believe it was only $1.99~ it's so me...

I also found the vine Pumpkins at the GW, 2 for .99, and they had 3 Packages, (Brand new!)
The Indian Corn I found at a yard sale, the other Pumpkins I had from last year (Dollar Store, Painted)

I had to throw up my folding screen, cause the weeds Flowers in the Background clashed with my Fall Table. It worked pretty good, except I couldn't get a really good shot of the whole table...

I almost forgot, I stuck that old Rusty Pitchfork in there, I thought it added a little class, don't you agree?

I tied the mini Indian Corn around the Wheat


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  1. What a clever idea!! I love the window as the runner on your table! The collection of items in your vignette are lovely as well! The pitchfork does add a fun, whimsical touch! I also adore the kitchen scale!!! Well done and thanks for sharing!

  2. That looks awesome! I even saw another blogger use a window on her dining room table as a runner -- both so cool! I've been looking for a wheat bundle like that, too, but I'd better find it at GW because they are expensive in the!

  3. Oh I LOVE your window table runner! Wonderful, creative idea!

  4. Nice idea! Most often, all I’m seeing were old windows turned into photo frames. Now, this one is something unique but useful just the same. I actually never thought an old window could be a dining accessory. :D Plus, I think it is the solution to the usual problem about tables. It’s just irritating sometimes when your things, ingredients, and so on got out of hand… got out of the table! On another note, what type of window did you put in place of this window that now has turned into a table runner? ;)

  5. Your ideals were great--window table runners--I love runners-Have all kinds of fabrics ones. I live in country--I thought just where could I find wheat growing--will have to asks farmer who farms our land--we only have soybeans and corn. A lady here paints on her panes-windows. Enjoyed. Judy Thompson-Tn.

  6. So pretty, very clever idea! Love the window runner. Hugs, Diane