Monday, September 3, 2012

My "poor" Salvaged Door-The story of a Door

The Story of my Door
Matthew 7:8

Rusty old door knobs, and hinges, probably original to the door.   I love this door, I had plans for this door, I've been wanting this door for quite some time now, and now...

Turquoise on one side, white on the other, naturally aged and chippy on both. I've used this door as a back drop several times, it is the perfect background.

In some light the turquoise looks almost green, in some almost blue, but pleasing to the eye either way. I love to imagine the "life" my treasure must have lived, before coming to live with me. A number of them are passed down through the generations, so I have clues of where they have been, and what they have seen. My door is one of those Treasures.

My husbands parents owned an Old Farm House, and this door was part of their home. I'm sure it has seen many people come and go, and even been slammed a time or two. When it was time for a replacement door to take it's place, this was relocated to the Family Camp in the Mountains. There it collected more memories, it holds family trips, hunting trips, Honeymoon Trips, it has seen them all.

So when the Camp was being rebuilt, and the door replaced again, I asked my Husband to bring it home. I didn't know where or how I would use it, but I knew I would.
I decided to use on the new pantry we were planning, it would be the perfect door.
 Notice anything about all these pictures of my Door? Maybe the fact that you only see the bottom half?
Time passed and finally he brought "my" door home. He leaned it against the front of the garage...right in front of where I park my car...
Yes, it did, it fell during a windstorm, smashed onto my car.
This is what's left of my beautiful door, I don't even have a picture of the "whole" door, it had six panes of glass, glass that lasted forever and saw so much.
 I will still use my door, just not sure how, for now if makes a great backdrop, and temporarily as part of my potting bench, but I will be bringing it indoors, soon.

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  1. Lovely ideas and lovely post! Your scripture choice is perfect too!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  2. Love your door. Isn't it funny how we can treasure a door? It's got character, memories and quirky appeal. So sad it broke.

  3. you should definitly do something so they "retire" inside of the house :)
    thanks for visiting my blog

  4. It’s really obvious that that door has a lot of memories in it. :) So I understand why you wanted it, even with its shrunken appearance. And now that you have it, congratulations! What kind of house do you own? I think it is a great idea, by the way, that you’re planning it to be installed in the pantry. It can give the air like that of when you’re eating in a real farmhouse. Nice! :D

  5. It made me a bit sad. :( I don’t know why, but it reminds me of seeing our grandparents doing activities and house chores. Then, they will slowly get weak and they would eventually retire. *sigh* Anyway, one good thing about doors is that you can still utilize them and turn them into something you can hold on to for long time. :)

    Vernie Herr